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There are so many ways that Davies Orthodontics and our patients help the animals of Waukesha County…

  • Pledge your wooden nickels (refer to our Wooden Nickel Program to find out how to earn) to HAWS – Just sign our pledge sheet and let us know how many nickels you are donating. Dr. Davies will turn the nickels into cash for the animals! When you donate 10 nickels or more you get a 'Make a Difference' t-shirt and your picture on our in-office slide show!
  • If you are not a patient but would like to help the animals, you could pledge a donation of $ and earn a T-shirt– no $ amount too big or too small.
  • Go to www.hawspets.org and choose your own way to have fun and help the animals.

The wonderful folks at HAWS help us figure out where your donations are needed. The above are just a few ideas. So far our patients have donated over $38,000.00! DAVIES PATIENTS ROCK.

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